Baby Showtime Competition - Apr 2011

Baby Show Time

Baby Got Tallent :
- Age group : 1-5 years old
- Must provide own backgroud music or instruments if needed
- No limitation to type of performance to show their talents. Pasific place is not responsible for any harm to the baby in performing talents
- Maximum of 4 members in a group if participants are to perform in a group
- No parents are allowed to be part of the performance
- All participants are to wear appropriate costumes and performances are not to contain any political/ethnic/religious/special symbol which will offend other contestants, customers and/or particular groups
- Participants are subject to provide 2 performances for audition & final

Super Baby : Crawling Competition
- Age group : 9 month - 1 year old
- Parents can only aid babies from OUTSIDE crawling area

Super Dad : Stroller folding, Diaper changing and Milk preparation
- Participants to provide own diaper bags which include : diapers, baby wipes & baby cream
- Only fathers and babies are allowed in the competition

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